For the bot to function you are required to set server configuration For each config command if you leave out the field in <> it will output the current setting.

All config commands are locked to users with administration permissions

If you put None in the place of the setting it will either remove the setting or reset it to it's default value.

~setup admin None


The default prefix is ~

To set a prefix do ~setup prefix <prefix> The default prefix will no longer work in this server However mentioning the bot is always a prefix no matter what the set prefix.

Example of setting the prefix

Management role

This role will allow access to message management commands. These are ~send, ~edit, ~delete and ~fetch.

Set role with ~setup admin <role> <role> Can be either the role id or mentioning the role.

Example of setting the admin role

Logging Channel

This channel is the channel where log messages will be sent to. It's suggested that this is a private channel

Set the channel with ~setup logging <channel>